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Eerie Black Rain Falls on Japanese Cities

Eerie Black Rain Falls on Japanese Cities

By Tim Binnall

Residents in several Japanese cities were left fearing the worst when an eerie black rain fell from the sky. The unsettling incident reportedly occurred in the city of Hasuda and a number of nearby communities last week. People living in the impacted areas quickly took to social media to express their concern over the spooky phenomenon and authorities acknowledged the strangeness by announcing that they had received reports of "black puddles in roads and on cars."

As is often the case when a weird mystery captures the imagination of people online, various theories were offered for what could have caused the black rain which was described as resembling oil. While some worried observers wondered if the phenomenon could have the result of some kind of radioactivity, officials were quick to dismiss this explanation, saying that tests indicated that this was not the case.

Others postulated that perhaps the unnerving rain was caused by a North Korean missile launch and, in a testament to the pandemic panic that has gripped the globe, some put forward the macabre suggestion that the phenomenon was the result of officials secretly burning the bodies of coronavirus victims. Ultimately, it was discovered that a massive fire had erupted in the city at around the time that the rain fell, leading many to conclude that the inferno was likely the cause of the phenomenon.

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