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Eerie Blue Glow Appears Over County in England

Eerie Blue Glow Appears Over County in England

Residents of a county in England were mystified last night when they noticed a strange blue glow, for lack of a better term, moving through the sky.

The weird anomaly was reported by multiple witnesses in the English county of Oxfordshire with many witnesses snapping photos of the sight and sharing the images on social media.

In some instances, observers said that there were two separate blue spots that almost resembled eyes watching the bewildered onlookers.

As one can imagine, the nebulous phenomenon gave rise to speculation that the blue glow could have been connected to some kind of UFO activity, but there are also some more down-to-Earth theories as well.

An area astronomer speculated that the puzzling coloring could have been caused by a blue flood light reflecting into the clouds, although that wouldn't quite explain why it appeared to be moving.

Another possible explanation is that the glow came from the lights of an RAF transporter plane that was obscured behind the clouds.

Again, though, this potential source isn't quite perfect either, since witnesses reported that they did not hear any sounds that would have suggested an aircraft was nearby.

What's your theory for the origin of the eerie blue glow? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

Source: Oxford Times

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