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Eerie Cloud Filmed in Rhode Island

By Tim Binnall

A breathtaking video from Rhode Island features an enormous and rather ominous-looking cloud looming in the sky. The creepy scene was reportedly captured last Friday on the state's Block Island, which is a popular tourist destination thanks to its picturesque nature and historic buildings. While waiting for his wife and son to arrive at a port on the island, resident Steven Miller could not believe his eyes when he saw a massive cloud form in the sky.

The formation, he observed, "loomed high over the Victorian-style buildings in Old Harbor and we could see it rolling as it swept along." Unsurprisingly, considering the current troubled state of our pandemic-stricken planet, Miller saw some symbolism in the unsettling sight, musing that "it somehow seemed to go along with the apprehension we all felt at the prospect of business closing and needing to stay at home because of the virus."

While he likened the sight to "a physical manifestation of approaching danger," the formation was, of course, a harmless meteorological phenomenon known as a roll cloud. Not unlike its flying saucer-shaped 'cousin,' the lenticular cloud, these particular formations often find themselves in the news thanks to their otherworldly appearance. To that end, Miller reflected, "I'll never forget the sight, and the awe I felt at the power and beauty of creation."


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