Eerie 'Figure' Filmed in Swedish Forest

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By Tim Binnall

A puzzling piece of footage filmed in a Swedish forest appears to show some kind of figure briefly pop out from behind a tree before disappearing from view. The eerie scene was reportedly filmed last week by Elin Mellbergstedt as she cut through a patch of wilderness in the city of Gothenburg on her way to a bus stop. During her walk, the woman recorded a video for Instagram wherein she updated her friends on the latest happenings in her life. Little did she know that, at that very moment, she was filming something that would stay with her far longer than her quick shortcut through the woods would last.

That's because after Mellbergstedt posted the recording and got onto the bus, she began receiving an unusual amount of messages from concerned friends who had seen her video. They pointed out that, in the footage (the relevant portion of which can be seen below), an eerie interloper seemingly sporting a ghostly white visage appears to furtively look at her from behind a tree in the forest and then quickly hide its face. Bewildered by what she had filmed, Mellbergstedt subsequently uploaded it to YouTube and also shared it on Reddit in the hopes that someone could identify the anomaly.

Although she offered up the possibility that the figure could have been a ghost or perhaps a supernatural entity, Mellbergstedt stressed that she is not a believer in the paranormal and, therefore, ultimately concluded that the oddity was an owl. That said, Mellbergstedt was far from certain in that assessment and also put forward the unsettling scenario that perhaps she had narrowly avoided some ne'er-do-well who was hiding in the forest with mischief on their mind. Can you decipher what the woman filmed during her walk? Share your best guess with us at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.


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