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Eerie Funnel Cloud Filmed in Japan

A breathtaking video from Japan shows a vivid funnel cloud looming in the sky and then slowly dissipating in a rather spooky fashion.

The amazing footage was filmed in the city of Niigata and was posted online by the Japanese media outlet WeatherNews, where it quickly amassed a massive amount of viewers who were mystified by the scene.

In the video, the incredible funnel cloud can be seen cutting across the sky like an ashen rainbow which stands out in sharp contrast to the stormy atmosphere from whence it came.

The end of the funnel cloud then begins to melt away and it appears to almost retract back into the dark sky until all that is left is an almost-eerie light dot.

Due to the angle of the video, it's difficult to discern just how big the funnel cloud may have been, but WeatherNews attests to the authenticity of the footage and that it is not some kind of computer-generated hoax.

Unfortunately, that likely will not stop imaginative UFO enthusiasts from co-opting the video and proposing that it is footage of some kind of alien portal caught on film.

Should that happen, rest assured that the funnel cloud is simply a natural, albeit in this particular case amazing, weather phenomenon and not ETs testing their abduction beam.

Source: SoraNews24


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