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Elementary School Slammed for Staging 'Elf Murder Mystery'

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By Tim Binnall

An elementary school in England is under fire after students participated in an 'elf murder mystery' activity that some parents say was a tad too realistic. According to a local newspaper, the strange 'game' took place earlier this week at the Flowery Field Primary School in the town of Hyde. It was there that a fourth grade classroom had been transformed overnight into a virtual crime scene depicting the aftermath of a rather gruesome elf slaying.

Cordoned off with police tape, the classroom contained the outline of a murdered elf's body on the floor along with fake blood smeared on some desks and the words 'I hate Christmas' scrawled on the window. The students were encouraged to collect the clues and decipher who had killed the iconic holiday character as part of a writing project. As one can imagine, some of their parents were not exactly thrilled with the school's unorthodox exercise.

"My daughter came home and she was absolutely traumatized," declared one outraged mother who opted not to reveal her name perhaps for fear of being seen as a Grinch. She went on to say that her child has been plagued by nightmares of the murdered elf after participating in the activity and that other parents had reported similar problems. For their part, the school defended the CSI-like project, calling it an "an appropriate, engaging and exciting" activity.

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