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Enormous Cow Becomes Giant Star

By Tim Binnall

An enormous cow in Australia is enjoying something of a star turn as its jaw-dropping size has sparked headlines around the world. The seven-year-old Holstein Friesian steer named 'Knickers' reportedly stands a stunning six feet four inches tall and weighs a whopping 3,000 pounds. Although not official just yet, it is believed to be the largest cow in all of Australia, which boasts a considerable cattle industry.

Fortunately for Knickers, it would seem that his tremendous size has been a saving grace as abattoirs passed on purchasing the animal at auction last year because their equipment could not accommodate the giant steer. That said, were one to feast on the fantastic beast, experts say that the cow would likely yield an amazing 1,400 pounds of meat, including as astounding 450 various cuts of steak.

After being profiled by an Australian media outlet earlier this week, the colossal cow quickly caught the attention of social media as images of Knickers towering over the other cattle left many observers stopping in their tracks and scratching their heads. Considering how captivating the creature has proven to be, perhaps his owner should take advantage of Knickers' fifteen minutes of fame and charge admission to see the world-famous cow since, as an attraction, the creature just might be worth its weight in gold.


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