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ET Sighting Leads to Death Threat!

ET Sighting Leads to Death Threat!

Renowned author Whitley Strieber told C2C the strange story of how an ET sighting by landscapers working on his property led to a chilling death threat aimed at him.

He recalled how a group of landscapers were removing poison ivy at his property and, in the middle of the job, the foreman informed him that they were quitting on the spot.

Strieber was stunned when the foreman explained that it was because "one of those aliens walked across your driveway."

As if that wasn't strange enough, the man said, the crew then saw black snakes suddenly appear out of the ground and these were creatures that were not native to the region.

The pair of odd events were so off-putting that not only did the landscapers immediately quit, but they also refused to take any money from Strieber for their work.

The author expressed understanding of their plight and marveled "I would have left too!"

Unfortunately for Strieber, word of the incident spread throughout the community.

"The next thing I know, I get a phone call from a very uneasy lady during hunting season," he revealed.

According to Strieber, the woman had a dire warning for him, saying "be careful, because someone is planning to accidentally shoot you during hunting season."

Due to the worrisome warning, Strieber was essentially homebound for the entire hunting season for fear of becoming target practice for an unhappy hunter.

"The house became like a kind of fortress," he lamented, "I was nervous even going to the grocery store."

On what could have motivated such an extreme reaction from the community to the events at his cabin, Strieber mused, "people get scared and when they're scared, they become unreasonable."

Coast Insiders can hear the complete conversation with Whitley Strieber along with professor of religion Jeffrey Kripal here.

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