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European Actress Recalls Childhood UFO Encounters

By Tim Binnall

A Finnish-Italian model-turned-actress recently opened up about a pair of intriguing UFO sightings that she had as a child. Although she may not be a household name here in the United States, Anna Falchi is a well-known personality in Italy, having starred in numerous films over the last 25 years. And, much like a handful of American celebrities we've heard from over the years, the popular entertainer says that she has encountered the UFO phenomenon.

During an interview on the radio program 'A Sheep's Day,' Falchi recalled that "at ten, I met the UFOs, for two years in a row, I remember it well." She explained that the encounters took place during the holiday season and were more than merely her witnessing lights in the sky. Falchi said that the first time she spotted some flying saucers that emerged out of "a bit of mist" and then flew away. Incredibly, she claimed, the craft returned the next year and made a much more dramatic appearance.

"The flying saucer went down to the field in front of our house," she told the radio show, detailing how it appeared to land on four legs and "had a red light around and emitted a very important sound, like a siren." This commotion woke up her family, who were perturbed enough by the incident to hide while it was unfolding. When they went to investigate the scene the next day, Falchi said, they "found those famous 'signs'" in the field, presumably meaning a crop formation or something similar.

To her credit, Falchi was quick to note that one cannot assume that the sightings were of an alien craft, noting that "they could also be means of transport tested by NASA, for example." That said, she expressed the belief that there is intelligent life 'out there' in the universe. Fortunately for Falchi, we can assure her that when it comes to that perspective, she is most certainly not alone.

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