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Face in the Fire

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July 31, 2014-- I am an avid fan of the show, and have been for many years...I moved to northern New South Wales Australia (originally from south Texas). Thursday nights are usually a festive gathering night here on the opal fields, especially at the Glengarry Hilton pub. Tonight was a special occasion, The Lord Mayor of Brewarrina had arranged for a band flown in from Texas to play...

The head of the local mining association, Fletch, as we call him, and Ray decided to pull off a spectacular stunt, by turning this giant double barreled six foot stump into a giant rocket engine. They pulled it off, and it gradually turned into a roaring exhaust end of a engine. I was playing with my iPad Air I had just purchased that day and was the photographer on site, if you will. During all the shots immediately after each set I did, I checked and I found this odd face in the fire in the second series.


Last Night

Mark Anthony, the "Psychic Lawyer," discussed haunted real estate, including the infamous Lizzie Borden murder house, as well as communicating with the spirits of ancestors. Open Lines followed in the latter half of the show.

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