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Fall into Food Container Turns Seagull Orange

A hungry seagull in the UK received an inadvertent makeover after tumbling into a tub of chicken tikka masala that turned it bright orange!

Fortunately, workers at the factory where the incident occurred saved the bird from further harm and handed him over to a wildlife hospital for treatment.

A subsequent scrub of the seagull managed to remove the orange coloring from its feathers, but the cleanse wasn't entirely successful as the bird retained the smell of curry from the food.

"He smelled amazing, he really smelled good," a veterinarian from the hospital marveled to The Independent.

So while he may have survived his strange adventure, the birds could face an uncertain future once it returns to wild due to its accidentally delicious smell.

Should his fellow seagulls start showing an inordinate amount of interest in him, we suggest the formerly-orange bird make a hasty retreat because they're probably daydreaming about eating him.

Source: The Independent


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