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Fenn Treasure Claims Third Victim?

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Friends of a Colorado man who went missing last month while searching for the now-infamous Fenn Treasure are asking questions about the strange nature of his disappearance and fearing the worst.

Eric Ashby claimed to have solved the mystery of where author Forrest Fenn had allegedly hidden a $2 million dollar cache of riches in the American southwest.

According to one of Ashby's friends, the man and four companions set off to recover the treasure on a journey that included rafting along Colorado's Arkansas River.

However, somewhere along the river things went awry and the inflatable raft that Ashy bought from Walmart failed the group and sent them plummeting into the water.

A witness who reported the accident to police on June 29th told them that, on the previous day, a boat had capsized on the river and a group of people fell into the water with one of them seemingly not surviving the incident.

A subsequent search did not yield any information and, according to authorities, it was not until July 8th that they became aware of Ashby's disappearance when his father reported that the man went missing after a rafting accident on June 28th.

Connecting this information, investigators concluded that Ashby is the person that the witness apparently saw drown in the river.

What concerns Ashby's friends is that no one from the group reported the incident to police, which has left them wondering what exactly occurred on the river.

An alleged threatening phone call placed to the person spearheading the search for answers about Ashby's disappearance only compounds the suspicions surrounding the event.

Some have speculated that foul play may be involved or, at the very least negligence for not reporting the accident.

Regardless of what led to Ashby's fate, it appears that the Fenn Treasure is being looked at as the ultimate cause of the unfortunate event, since that is what is believed to be what drew the group to the river.

Should police recover Ashby's body, the man would likely become the third person to have died while searching for the treasure and, no doubt, renew calls for Fenn to end the hunt, which the author briefly considered last month before deciding to let it continue.

Source: Westword


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