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'Fidget Spinner' Crop Circle Found in England

A recently-discovered crop circle in England seems to suggest that even aliens cannot escape the latest craze sweeping the planet as the formation bears a striking resemblance to a fidget spinner!

Although not an exact depiction of the popular children's toy, the similarity was enough for crop circle expert Matthew Williams to tell the Daily Record that, "it certainly could be the world's largest fidget spinner."

Considering the craze surrounding the gadget, it's unlikely that those behind the crop circle intended for it to be an advertisement for the toy, since the last thing the fidget spinner needs is more word of mouth.

As such, more esoteric observers of the crop circle phenomenon have suggested that the formation, found in the county of West Sussex around the end of last week, is intended to convey the Celtic cross.


Regardless of the intended meaning of the design, it will no doubt irritate authorities who have been lamenting that the number of crop circles in England has increased significantly this year, leading to a greater number of famers losing money due to the formations.

Then again, perhaps that was the message behind the crop circle in that its creator was telling police that, much like the fidget spinner, the formation is their way of having some good old fashioned fun.

Source: Daily Record


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