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Figure in Window of Burning Church

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This image was taken at an abandoned church fire off the nearby Blood Reserve, which is about 40 minutes west of Lethbridge, Alberta (Canada). The picture is of an old abandoned church fire in the small town of Laverne that occurred recently. My son is an EMT working for the Blood Tribe Fire Department over the summer. He recently told me about all the weird things that go on in the fire station – cabinet doors that open and bang closed through the night; rolls of medical tape being found in odd places or even seen carried up the stairs by unseen entities, shadow people, strong presences sitting in chairs or standing over firefighters as they sleep and recently, the flat screen TV that sits on a pedestal stand turned while watching TV.

My son shared with me stories that included EMS workers seeing a little girl wandering the fire station, an old lady who’s favourite hangout is a closet where the hangers are regularly clattering together by this presence. Not all of these experiences are benign as it's said that on some of the evenings when these paranormal experiences occur, it is like a dull, dark, sadness falls on the station. No one can put their finger on it...However, when he showed me this image of what sure looks to be the side profile of a man, standing in the window, well I had to send this in to Coast to Coast to share a little of the haunted history of southern Alberta.

--Igor S.

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