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Filmmaker Sues FBI for D.B. Cooper Files

Filmmaker Sues FBI for D.B. Cooper Files

Although the FBI may have stopped trying to solve the mystery of D.B. Cooper, a filmmaker in California in not quite ready to give up the hunt for the notorious skyjacker.

Tom Colbert has filed a lawsuit against the agency in the hopes of forcing the FBI to hand over their files following their announcement earlier in the summer that they are no longer actively investigating the case.

The FBI's decision to stop searching for the skyjacker curiously came only a few days after Colbert's exhaustive two-part TV special on the case aired in July.

The documentary, dubbed 'D.B. Cooper: Case Closed?,' argued that a man named Robert W. Rackstraw was behind the legendary caper.

Upon learning that the FBI had closed their case, Colbert filed an FOIA request for their Cooper files but was rebuffed by the agency, leading to his subsequent lawsuit.

In the filing, Colbert contends that their decision to redirect resources away from the Cooper case was, in fact, done to cover-up mistakes that the FBI made during their initial investigation.

Having collected a wealth of potential evidence suggesting that Rackstraw was Cooper, the filmmaker believes that these earlier errors prevented the FBI from producing an air tight case against the suspect.

Certain that he has solved the case of D.B. Cooper, it appears Colbert is focusing now on an entirely different aspect of the mystery: where did the investigation go wrong.

We're guessing that the FBI wants the search for those answers to be as futile as their quest for Cooper turned out to be.

Coast Insiders can get a whole other take on the Cooper case by checking out attorney Galen Cook's 11/26/11 appearance on the program, where he detailed his attempts to identify the skyjacker.

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Source: OregonLive

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