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Final Report on MH370 Calls the Mystery 'Almost Inconceivable'

Final Report on MH370 Calls the Mystery 'Almost Inconceivable'

The Australian government has released an assessment on the fate of missing flight MH370 which concedes that the mysterious disappearance remains as baffling as ever.

Having abandoned the search for the lost airliner this past January, Australia's Safety Bureau issued a massive 440-page 'final report' on the case this week.

Expressing deep regret over not being able to find the lost plane, the agency admits that it is "almost inconceivable" that a passenger jet could simply vanish without a trace in this day and age.

The report also laments that, since the airliner has yet to be recovered, authorities still have no idea what circumstances may have caused the plane to fly off course and disappear in the first place.

The lack of answers is particularly maddening due to the incredible amount of time and resources expended on the search and the decision to stop looking for MH370 earlier this year has left family members of the lost passengers deeply dismayed.

Based on the incredibly strange nature of the event, the disappearance of MH370 has spawned a myriad of conspiracy theories.

Conjecture surrounding the case includes the possibility that it was downed by a disgruntled pilot as well as the suggestion that the jet was somehow secretly spirited away to a US military base as part of a clandestine operation.

With the official multinational search for the plane now having fully concluded, it would appear that the quest to find the lost airliner rests with civilian researchers and armchair experts who will be forced to take up the case.

Considering that it's been 70 years since Amelia Earhart's plane disappeared and that mystery remains unsolved and hotly debated to this day, it stands to reason that MH370 may sadly suffer a similar fate.

Coast Insiders looking to learn more about the case of MH370 should check out Richard Belzer's 3/10/2015 appearance on the program to discuss Someone is Hiding Something, the book he co-authored with George Noory about the case.

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Source: Daily Record

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