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Fireball Over Florida Bewilders Witnesses

By Tim Binnall

A number of night owls in South Florida were left bewildered early this morning when a fireball streaked across the sky and left some wondering if there was an alien explanation. The strangeness, which reportedly occurred at around 2:00 AM, saw a burning object appear in the night sky and slowly break up as it descended to the ground. As one can imagine, the sight left onlookers scratching their heads and speculating about what the weirdness could have been.

In keeping with our modern times, social media was flooded with photos and videos of the fireball with users asking if anyone else had seen it and offering their best guesses as to the nature of the object. Meanwhile, some diligent Floridians were not satisfied with simply marveling at the wondrous sight and opted to phone the police about the matter. That included one resident who called 911 to report "seven UFOs with a barrier around them in west Boynton." Fortunately for that particular individual, fears of an alien invasion beginning in Florida would appear to be unfounded.

Although initial speculation centered around the fireball being a meteor burning up upon entering the Earth's atmosphere, the US Air Force subsequently revealed that the culprit actually came from Earth as it was a piece of space junk. In an amazing testament to how plentiful and worrisome such debris is, there's actually a website which monitors possible incoming pieces of space junk and fairly accurately predicted Wednesday morning's event, pointing to a disused Chinese rocket set to return to Earth at about that time.

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