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First UK Crop Circle of 2018 Found

The 2018 crop circle season is officially underway in the UK as the first formation the year has been found by researchers. The intriguing design appears to resemble some kind of four-legged insect, possibly a water strider. It was discovered only yesterday in the English county of Wiltshire, marking the latest start to a crop circle season since 2013 when it took until June for the first formation to be found in the UK.

In a testament to the diligence of researchers in the England, there are already several images of the formation, despite only being reported on Wednesday, at the website Crop Circle Connector. And, as has been the case in recent years, talented drone photographers have also journeyed to the site and captured some pretty amazing overhead footage of the formation.

As to the longstanding debate over the origin of crop circles, this particular piece was probably produced by human hands rather that some kind of paranormal means, given is fairly straightforward terrestrial topic. Additionally, the site where the formation was found also happened to feature another crop circle that appeared in May 2017 and deemed to be a "human-made fake" by one researcher.

Regardless of who made it, the formation serves as a proverbial starting gun to the season in which similar, and hopefully more elaborate, crop circles should begin appearing in fields throughout England. With 36 such designs being documented in 2017 alone, it's safe to say that we've only just begun what should be another fun few months for fans of crop formations and, no doubt, a maddening period of time for police who decried the designs last year.


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