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First UK Crop Circle of 2019 Found

By Tim Binnall

The 2019 crop circle season is officially underway in England as the first formation of the year has been found. The design was reportedly discovered in the town of Warminster on Wednesday. The appearance of the formation may have elicited sighs of relief from the UK crop circle research community who have not had to wait this long for the season to begin since 2013, when it took until June for the first design to be discovered.

Suggesting that perhaps the crop circle makers are working off a bit of rust accumulated over the winter months, this first formation of the year is a fairly basic design. It consists of a circle surrounded by a thick ring and then a thinner ring which features a pair of larger spheres opposite of each other. Suggestions as to what the formation may be meant to convey include a rudimentary electrical generator or possibly some kind of celestial alignment.

Per usual, fastidious crop circle investigators in England have already flocked to the site to document the formation by way of two different drone videos as well as close-up photographs from the inside the design. What may be most noteworthy about the scene is that the crops appear to be fairly high, making the shape of the formation noticeably crisp, which somewhat makes up for its lackluster design.

As to who or what may have created the formation, it's a safe bet that the debate over the cause of the crop circle phenomenon will undoubtedly continue in 2019 as skeptics contend that the formation came courtesy of human hands. However, based on his examination of the drone videos, researcher Dr. Horace R. Drew argued that "there is no indication at present of any heavy mechanical or other man-made actions in its formation." One thing that seems certain is that we'll be seeing many more formations in the weeks and months to come now that crop circle season has begun.

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