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Fisherman Catches Half-Bird Half-Fish Creature

When fishermen cast their reel, they never know what they might pull in. It could be prize catch or it might be seaweed or an old boot, but then it could also be something very strange. That's just what an angler in China had on the end of his rod this week.

While fishing in the country's Guizhou Province, the man caught a creature that many describe as part-bird, part-fish. The animal clearly has a fish's body but it's head looks like it's the shape of a bird or a beluga whale. The fish is believed to be a grass carp, but there is something wrong with the shape of its head. Onlookers nearby took videos of the fish and posted them on YouTube.

Seeing that the animal probably has a tough life as it is, the fisherman took pity on it and tossed it back into the water. The news comes just one week after 30 new deep sea creatures were discovered near China.

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