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Flat Earth 'Billboard' Campaign Crosses the Atlantic

Flat Earth 'Billboard' Campaign Crosses the Atlantic

Perhaps inspired by their compatriots in America, some Flat Earth conspiracy theorists in Scotland are attempting to engage motorists in a rather unorthodox manner.

Authorities in the county of Perthshire say that graffiti imploring drivers to research the Flat Earth theory has been found at numerous locations along a major highway that runs through the region.

The most prominent message appears spray-painted on the side of a rather decrepit-looking temporary billboard near the road and calls for people to "Research Flat Earth."

Additionally, in a tactic somewhat befitting the controversial conspiracy theory, several highway markers also bear similar messages ... but they are written on the backside of the signs, meaning that motorists almost certainly won't be able to see them.

While one might be inclined to credit the unidentified conspiracy theorists for their clever, albeit poorly executed, attempt to get the word out about the Flat Earth concept, police are less impressed and pledged to investigate the vandalism.

The signage in Scotland comes on the heels of a pair of legitimate billboard ads for the Flat Earth theory which have sprung up in Philadelphia and Oklahoma City over the last few weeks, suggesting that the message is both spreading and apparently mutating so to speak.

And, considering the passionate feelings expressed by Flat Earth fans and the incredible dedication they have shown to spreading their message, whether done illegally or not, one can only imagine what they'll come up with next.

Source: Courier Perthshire

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