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Flat Earth Fan's Bet Gets Rebuffed

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A Flat Earth enthusiast in England is crying foul after numerous bookmakers refused to accept his bet that the world is not round. Gerrard Gallacher says that he contacted a whopping 14 different betting companies in the UK in an attempt to wager on the shape of the Earth and none of them would accept his challenge. Initially offering up one hundred pounds on the gambit, he actually increased the amount to one thousand pounds and still could not find any takers for the odd wager.

His inability to make the bet is particularly frustrating to Gallacher because many bookmakers in England offer a number of weird wagers that are not altogether different from the Flat Earth theory. For instance, one company once offered the opportunity for people to bet on Elvis making a comeback and the Loch Ness Monster being proven real. And so, he was left scratching his head when these same companies didn't show any interest in his proposed gamble on the Flat Earth, especially since one would think that this would be 'easy money.'

As such, in what should come as no surprise, Gallacher suspects that the bookmakers' insistence that they will not wager on the Flat Earth theory is conspiratorial in nature. "They know that I am right in saying that the Earth is flat," he mused to his hometown newspaper the Grimsby Telegraph, "and if other people joined me in placing the bet they could lose millions." Whether that proves to be the case remains to be seen as, for now, the Flat Earth fan appears to be the only one willing to put his money where his mind is and try to wager on the controversial conspiracy theory.


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