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Flat Earth Fans to Convene in Canada This Summer

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Following the stunning success of last year's Flat Earth International Conference, organizers have announced plans for a sequel to be held in Canada this summer.

More than five hundred Flat Earth enthusiasts flocked to Cary, North Carolina this past November for what is believed to have been the first such conference devoted to the controversial conspiracy theory.

In light of the remarkable turnout for the inaugural event, it should come as no surprise that there will be a 2018 edition of the conference to be held this coming August in the Canadian city of Edmonton.

The event will feature eight speakers, described by organizers as hailing from "all over the Flat Earth," as well as, no doubt, a considerable amount of discussion and camaraderie among attendees.

Incredibly, the Canadian event is actually the first of two Flat Earth conference which are being produced this year as organizers are also planning a second American gathering to be held this November in December.

The fact that there will be two major conferences devoted to the Flat Earth theory in 2018 is, much to the chagrin of scientists and skeptics, a testament to the concept's growing popularity around the world.

That said, for the sake of those putting up the funds for the festivities, we sincerely hope that there's enough interest to sustain two conferences or else they'll wind up holding the bag should the Flat Earth bubble burst.

Source: Toronto Metro


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