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Florida Swamp Ape

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In the second half-hour, cryptozoologist Scott Marlowe(1) talked about the Florida Swamp Ape, which he claims has been reported in the Sunshine State for hundreds of years.
According to Marlowe, the Florida Swamp Ape is not a Bigfoot. He described the Swamp Ape as strong and muscular, standing seven feet tall (for males, females are shorter), and possessing reasonably high intelligence, as displayed in their tendency to migrate after game and based on weather. Marlowe even speculated that the creature could be taught to communicate with humans.
Marlowe believes there are literally tribes of Swamp Apes roaming the Florida peninsula, and hopes to find one during an academic expedition this Summer. For more information on Marlowe's online cryptozoology class, as well as future expeditions, visit Florida Keys Community College(2).

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2. http://www.fkcc.edu/


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