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Fluorite Mine Anomaly

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6/27/14-- This past Sunday I was hiking into a large extinct fluorite mine in New Mexico. I had just past a deep hole where the floor had caved in and I felt as if someone was there behind us. I turned around to to shoot a picture of the entrance as we were heading in.I shot multiple photos on my Nexus phone. Right after that instant 3 bats flew out of the mine and scared my buddy and so he asked me to head back out. It was not until I returned home I viewed the following photo and was a little uncomfortable.

There appears to be a very defined face of some sort [enlarged in right corner]. This was not visible when I took the photo and there was not really much dust because of the crystal content on the walls. There was no one else there (except my buddy who was about 8 feet deeper into the mine) and the sun was setting in the west so the light was shining in to the east. The object is located on the west side of the entrance hence avoiding a reflection of the entrance light... I have been many haunted places and documented private evidence of some unexplainable things. I was simply being an explorer on this day and did not expect anything like this to happen on our mineral search...



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