Flying Humanoid Caught on Film?

An odd video circulating online shows a strange object hovering in the sky over Mexico that some have suggested could be a flying humanoid and perhaps even a witch! The weird footage was purportedly filmed in the Mexican state of Jalisco earlier this week and, as such bizarre videos tend to do, subsequently appeared on YouTube shortly thereafter. Aside from the alleged date and relatively vague location for the sighting, little else is known about the incident.

Nonetheless, the ambiguous footage of the floating object has conjured some fantastic theories among viewers. Chiefly among them, likely due to the fact that it is dark and looks almost like it is wearing some kind of cloak, is that the anomaly is actually a witch or, presumably, some other type of black magic-practicing individual. Imaginative observers not quite ready to go that far have simply offered up the 'more realistic' option that the oddity is a flying humanoid, possibly of the alien variety.

Skeptics, on the other hand, suggest that what was seen in the sky over Jalisco was simply a balloon that got away and point to how the object passes through the sky without moving. Based on what we've seen in the past with a case similar to this which took place earlier this year and also occurred in Mexico, that seems to be most likely scenario.

That said, paranormal history is replete with stories of beings who can inexplicably take to the sky, so, unless someone shows up soon with a deflated balloon to clear up the confusion, we can't entirely rule out that there really was a flying humanoid cruising over Jalisco this week. Coast Insiders can learn more about the long history of the flying entity phenomenon by checking out the 9/9/2013 edition of the program featuring cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard. Not a Coast Insider yet? Sign up today.

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