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'Flying Saucer' Photographed in Slovakia

'Flying Saucer' Photographed in Slovakia

A father and son out for a drive in a picturesque part of Slovakia suspect that they may have inadvertently captured a flying saucer in one of their photos.

The dad, identified only as Miroslav by Slovakian media, says that the duo were crossing through the Klakovska valley when the image was taken.

When the pair returned home and admired their photos from the journey, they were stunned to spot a remarkable anomaly which bears a remarkable resemblance to a classic flying saucer-shaped UFO in one of the images.

According to the Slovakian UFO group Trnava, the photo does not appear to have been digitally altered and the potential craft in the image looks to measure around 40 feet long and nearly 10 feet wide.

Skeptics will likely suggest that the 'flying saucer' is simply a photographic error, although the remarkably sharp nature of the oddity is undoubtedly curious.

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Source: topsky.sk (via Google Translate) / UFO Sightings Daily

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