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Forensic Dogs Cast Doubt on New Earhart 'Clue'

Forensic Dogs Cast Doubt on New Earhart 'Clue'

As if on cue, there is yet another new twist in the Amelia Earhart mystery that appears to plunge the case into profound uncertainty once again.

Following last week's blockbuster story of an unearthed photograph that may show the aviatrix and navigator Freed Noonan in the custody of Japanese forces, an altogether different claim surrounding the lost pilot's fate has emerged.

Organizers behind a project using forensic dogs to search for signs of human remains on an uninhabited island in the Pacific thought to possibly be the duo's final resting place announced that the bone-sniffing canines had, indeed, found something.

According to them, all four of the forensic dogs alerted the handlers to something amiss at one specific spot at the base of a tree on the island.

Amazingly, this was the very same location where mysterious human bones had been found back in the 1940 as well as significant signs that someone, likely of an American origin, had spent time beneath the tree.

Unfortunately, a subsequent excavation of the area yielded no bones, leaving researchers with little to go on except for soil samples that they hope might contain some human DNA that would match Earhart.

Nonetheless, the project seems to directly contradict the highly touted 'Earhart' photograph from last week and serves to strengthen the theory that the pilot and her navigator died as castaways and not at the hands of the Japanese.

And so, as has been the case for the last 80 years, the mystery of Amelia Earhart's disappearance remains maddeningly unsolved despite the best efforts and evidence offered by each side over the last few days.

Coast Insiders can learn more about the legendary case by checking out the 5/23/2013 edition of the program featuring filmmaker Rich Martini.

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Source: National Geographic

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