Four New Crop Formations Found in England

After nearly two weeks of inactivity, the UK crop circle scene exploded this past week with a whopping four new formations found.

As chronicled by the excellent Crop Circle Connector website, the first design was discovered on Sunday, May 21st in the English county of Wiltshire.

The formation appears to depict a solar eclipse and bears a striking resemblance to a 2004 design that also showed such a celestial event.

Intriguingly, much like how the 2017 crop circle predates this summer's solar eclipse by three months, so too did the 2004 formation.

Casting aside the possibility of coincidence, this suggests that the crop circle makers see the solar eclipse as a significant event and, if the formations are simply created by artistic humans, a remarkable commitment to continuity.

A subsequent formation was reportedly discovered on May 22nd in the county of Dorset and has sparked somewhat of a debate in the crop circle community as to its meaning with various interpretations being offered, ranging from the spiritual to the puerile.

That said, one researcher who examined the formation declared that there is "no doubt" that the design is "paranormally real" and cited the lack of evidence for human activity as well as its complexity.

The third design of the week is a fantastic example of the puzzle-like nature of the crop circle phenomenon as the formation appears to be a combination of two previous pieces which were documented earlier this year.

The May 25th formation clearly consists of the 'pendulum' design which kicked off 2017's crop circle season and the dubious design documented two weeks ago.

While there may be a message intended in the newly-discovered formation, the curious nature of its construction suggest that it was made by human hands.

The final formation of the week was also only reported yesterday and, as such, has yet to be fully examined by crop circle researchers.

For an array of videos and photos as well as comments and exhaustive analysis for these formations, be sure to check out Crop Circle Connector.

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