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'Freak Accident' Kills Over 100 Geese in Idaho

'Freak Accident' Kills Over 100 Geese in Idaho

Lightning from a treacherous hail storm that swept over Idaho this past weekend is being blamed for the sudden death of over 100 geese.

The bizarre incident occurred in the city of Idaho Falls on Saturday when authorities were called about dozens of dead geese littering a parking lot.

Upon arrival, conservation officers realized that they were dealing with something truly out of the ordinary as they collected a total of 51 dead geese from the scene and later discovered another 60 on the roof of a nearby building.

Based on the fact that the jaw-dropping number of geese seemingly all died at once, Jacob Berl of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game surmised that they likely fell victim to something other than disease.

And, since some of the unfortunate animals had their stomachs blown open, he concluded that a lightning strike was responsible for the mass carnage which Berl described to an area newspaper as "a freak accident."

Source: Idaho Statesman

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