Free Audio: Strange Disappearances of Hunters

Investigator David Paulides, who has worked in law enforcement in the San Francisco Bay Area, is an expert in the disproportionate number of mysterious disappearances happening in our national parks. In this hour from the 12/13/16 show, he discussed cases of experienced hunters who vanished under odd and unexplained circumstances. Among the repeated patterns are no scent trail for canine trackers, no sounds or screaming when people vanish, inclement or changing weather at the time of the incidents, and loss of memory of the victims that are found alive.

As a Coast Insider, you can listen to the full broadcast.

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Overnight paranormal radio legend Terry Carnation discussed his life, troubles, and encounters with the paranormal. Next, rock icon Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top spoke about his career, UFOs, and his forthcoming album. Open Lines followed.

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