French School Tells Parents to Stop Tossing Tardy Students Over Gate

By Tim Binnall

An elementary school in France was forced to take action after parents of late-arriving students were seen throwing their children over a six-foot-high gate so that they could get to class on time. The ill-advised method for meeting the morning bell was reportedly noticed by administrators at the Trillade school in the city of Avignon, where a tall fence to campus closes shut at the 8:30 AM start to the day. Alas, it would appear that some parents have been unable to get their youngsters to school before then and, as a result, came up with a rather reckless way around the restriction.

"Parents arriving after the bell were literally throwing their children" over the gate, revealed astounded school director Sanaa Meziane, "It hasn’t happened that many times," she explained, "but as little as it happened, we preferred to get ahead of it." As such, the school posted a bizarre-looking sign showing a stick figure tossing their tot over the fence and featuring an exhortation to parents not to throw their kids over the gate.

Meziane hopes that the notice will put an end to the parents' reckless behavior and, one assumes, they have likely gotten the message now that the school's strange problem and the amusing poster it spawned have sparked worldwide headlines. Be that as it may, the director plans to keep the sign up for the time being as a reminder tardy children should be brought back in a few hours when the gates open again and now haphazardly thrown over the fence.


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