Futurists Predict the Decades Ahead

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BuzzFeed's Mike Spohr recently polled various futurists on what changes we might expect throughout the rest of the 21st century. Here is a sampling of what they had to say about different sectors.

  • Transportation: Traffic jams will be eliminated through shared tools like Waze as people travel in smaller vehicles and single-person pods (Brad Templeton). Self-driving RVs equipped with robots will create whole new vacation and travel experiences for families (Joyce Gioia).
  • Space Travel: Efforts to construct bases on Mars and the Moon will take place, but will be ditched as too costly when Earth faces environmental collapse (Theo Priestly).
  • Biology: Standard reproduction with one father and one mother will complete with advancements in biotech, allowing for the the reverse engineering of one's own skin cells and others to make a baby (Cecily Sommers).
  • Life Extension: Dying of old age may be a thing of the past, as Silicon Valley companies "deal with DNA instead of digital code" (Jason Silva). But if we can live forever, will we still be us? "The thousand-year-old person...might be nothing like you" (Cliff Pickover).

Check out the complete article on BuzzFeed.

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