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Ghost Appears in Selfie at Haunted Plantation?

Ghost Appears in Selfie at Haunted Plantation?

A group selfie taken by visitors to a notoriously haunted plantation in Louisiana appears to show the face of one of the site's resident spirits.

The creepy image was posted to Facebook by The Myrtles Plantation, a popular tourist destination due to its reputation for being "one of America's most haunted homes."

In the photo, a group of guests gather together to commemorate their visit to Myrtles with a celebratory selfie and seemingly managed to snap a shot of something supernatural in the process.

Spotted in a window behind the women is a remarkable anomaly which bears a striking resemblance to a face.

Some have suggested that the oddity could be evidence of Myrtles' most famous ghost, a slave girl named Chloe, who has purportedly been photographed at the plantation on numerous occasions in the past.

Skeptical observers, however, argue that the 'face' is simply a trick of light and shadow which became a 'ghost' by way of being taken at a legendary haunted location.

What's your take on the strange image? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

Source: WAFB

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