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'Ghost Bride' of Bosnia Unmasked

Police in the Bosnian town of Tuzla have solved the mystery of a 'ghost bride' that had been terrorizing local residents.

To witnesses who were unfortunate enough to catch a fleeting glimpse of the creepy figure, it appeared to be a young woman in a wedding dress.

As the sightings increased and intensified, authorities began investigating the case and managed to bust the 'ghost.'

The source of the 'spirit' should actually come as no surprise: a trio of teenagers trying to scare their community.

The teens say they created the 'ghost bride' by simply donning a white sheet and a black wig.

Despite the rudimentary nature of the fabricated entity, the prank provides an interesting look at how legends can grow and evolve very quickly.

As word was spreading about the 'ghost bride' appearances, local media reported on the story and somehow a narrative about a young bride dying tragically became attached to the entity.

And, in the ultimate sign of our times, the teens reason for the hoax, aside from scaring their neighbors, was that they wanted to create a viral video.

It's safe to say that they've gained a bit of Internet fame, but perhaps not in the way they intended.

Source: Daily Mail


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