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Ghost Filmed by Doorbell Camera?

By Tim Binnall

A Canadian woman suspects that her doorbell security camera may have captured footage of a spirit visiting her home. The weird incident reportedly occurred as Meni Pitoscia of Ontario was expecting a delivery and saw that her dog had excitedly run towards the front door. When the woman looked out the window, she was bewildered by the fact that there was neither a package on the doorstep nor any delivery person waiting there.

Moments later, Pitoscia then got something of a surprise as her phone pinged with an alert from the motion-activated security camera connected to her doorbell saying that it had been triggered by something outside. Upon looking at the video of the 'visitor,' she was astounded to see what might best be described as a blurry, almost translucent 'form' briefly appear in front of her door before sinking under the camera and vanishing.

Some of her skeptical-minded friends have suggested that the 'ghost' could have been an animal or perhaps a plastic bag floating in the wind. However, Pitoscia finds that hard to believe since the camera was installed around four feet off the ground. As such, she has settled upon a more paranormal explanation for the odd event, noting that a bench near her front door once belonged to a neighbor who had passed away and, perhaps, the anomaly in the video was her departed friend paying her a visit from the 'other side.'

While that interpretation of the footage is undoubtedly up for debate, one thing which seems certain is that the curious case is another sign that doorbell camera videos are poised to become a significant source for odd stories as the popular security systems are adopted by an increasing number of homeowners.

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