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Ghost Hunter Calls 911 After Hearing Eerie Cry for Help in Graveyard

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By Tim Binnall

In a strange story out of Pennsylvania, a paranormal investigator made a frantic call to 911 after he allegedly heard an eerie voice crying out for help at a graveyard. The bizarre incident reportedly occurred Wednesday morning in the community of Springhill Township when an unnamed ghost hunter was visiting a cemetery there. Suddenly, their investigation took a troubling turn when a disembodied voice caught his attention.

According to state trooper Johnathon Mosier, who was tasked with investigating the case, the paranormal investigator told the 911 dispatcher that "he heard a female's voice screaming, 'Help. Help, I'm buried alive.'" The bewildered witness went on to explain that the chilling cry came from "within a pile of dirt that was inside a shed at the cemetery."

Amazingly, when Mosier arrived on the scene, he discovered that the ghost hunter was apparently not content with simply waiting for the authorities to look into the matter as he actually left the cemetery and bought a shovel so that he could, presumably, save the distressed woman. As such, when the trooper got the graveyard, he found the paranormal investigator digging up the ground near the shed.

Fortunately, a quick check of the area by the trooper failed to find anyone in trouble, much less a woman who had been buried alive. Mosier subsequently sent the shaken paranormal investigator on their way without issuing a citation for what one assumes had been unauthorized digging at the graveyard by the ghost hunter.

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