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Ghost-Hunting Gadget Sparks Bomb Scare in Canada

Ghost-Hunting Gadget Sparks Bomb Scare in Canada

An absent-minded ghost-hunting group in Canada inadvertently set off a bomb scare after leaving an EMF sensor behind at an investigation.

The strange incident occurred last week in the city of Windsor, Ontario when someone at a historic building known as Mackenzie Hall spotted a small black box sporting a red wire and a blue light.

As one can imagine, the object's unusual appearance raised concerns that it could be some kind of explosive device which prompted a call to the Windsor police.

Although authorities were reticent to delve into the details of what happened, it was subsequently revealed by the Listowel Paranormal Society that they had accidentally been the cause of the commotion.

According to a spokesperson from the group, the team had spent three hours hunting for ghosts in the building which once served as a courthouse as well as a jail and had apparently forgotten to pack up their EMF sensor at the end of the day.

When investigators contacted the group to confirm that the 'bomb' had been their gear, the group were informed that the device was destroyed by the Windsor Police Explosives Disposal Unit.

Thankfully, the group does not seem to be in any trouble for what happened, since it was an innocent mistake, although they are out one EMF sensor thanks to the, no doubt, much-mocked member who left the device behind at the building.

Source: CBC News

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