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Ghost Monk Photographed at Castle in England?

A photograph taken during a father-and-son visit to a medieval castle in England may feature the ghost of a monk said to haunt the location.

The man behind the camera was Jon Wickes, who brought his son to Eynsford Castle because the boy has been studying such sites in school.

When the dad later looked at the pictures from their trip, he was stunned to see an unexplained oddity in the image that bears a striking resemblance to a hooded monk.

Wickes was all the more amazed when he found out that Eynsford Castle boasted a history of mysterious black monk sightings that some have connected to the site's owner who became a monk in the year 1130.

Whether the anomaly in the image is truly a spirit or simply a spot created by some prosaic circumstances is uncertain.

However, a local paranormal investigator who saw the photo subsequently ventured to Eynsford Castle and found nothing at the site which might explain what could have caused the dark 'figure' to appear.

And, lest one suspect that the 'black monk' is merely a hole in the castle wall, that possibility has been ruled out as well.

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Source: Daily Mail

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