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Ghost Photobombs Birthday Party?

A mother in the UK believes that a photo from her daughter's birthday party may have captured the ghost of a young boy that has allegedly 'lived' with the family for years.

The image in question was actually taken three years ago, but Sally Watts only recently decided to share it with the world at the urging of her fiancee.

In the spooky photo, an eerie apparition of a child appears next to Watts in their reflection in a mirror as she is bringing out her daughter's birthday cake.

According to the astonished mom, all of her children were accounted for at the time and she is certain that she is not mistaking one of her kids for a ghost.

The potential presence of a spirit was no surprise to the family as Watts claims that the family has long suspected that there may be a ghost in their midst due to weird paranormal activity in their home.

Prior to the photo being taken, their suspicions were bolstered when a medium visited the home and felt the spirit of a young boy there and a neighbor later confirmed that, indeed, a child fitting the description had tragically died at the property years ago.

No doubt skeptics will cry foul at the photo and say that it is simply a clever Photoshop creation, but Watts insisted that is not the case and scoffed at the suggestion that she has the time to pull off such a prank.

Let us know what you think of the creepy photo at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

Source: The Sun

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