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Ghost Photographed at Gulch?

A man visiting a scenic park in South Dakota suspects that one of his pictures from the trip shows the face of a ghost. Boasting the ominous-sounding name Devil's Gulch, the site is somewhat famous for an alleged incident where outlaw Jesse James is said to have evaded capture by jumping over a gorge on horseback. It also features a breathtaking waterfall, which is what drew Markcus Williams to the location earlier this month.

As tourists are wont to do, Williams took numerous photos during his visit and subsequently posted them to social media. Shortly thereafter, he received a message from a friend who pointed out that, in on of the images, there appears to be a face in the waterfall. Initially skeptical, he pulled up the image and was amazed to see that, indeed, there seems to be 'someone' looking out from the water.

While skeptical observers will say that the 'face' is merely a trick of light and shadow, Williams begs to differ. "I'm a person that believes in life after death," he told a local TV station, "and I would in fact say that was a ghost, it was a spirit." His opinion is no doubt informed by local legend which states that a frontier couple died at Devil's Gulch and, in turn, haunt the location to this day.

He hopes that by sharing the image, other people will venture out to the site and possibly have their own paranormal experience. However, those who take him up on the suggestion are unlikely to encounter Williams when they get there as he conceded that he's uneasy about going back to the gulch. "I don't know if scared's the word," he mused, "but I want to leave whatever may be out there, at peace."

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