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Ghost Photographed in Forest?

By Tim Binnall

A mother and daughter in Scotland claim that they spotted an apparition in a forest and managed to snap a picture of the spirit. According to a local newspaper, witnesses Fiona Laing and her daughter Keira encountered the potential ghost while visiting Monikie Country Park in the city of Dundee. Unlike most ghost sightings, which are rather fleeting, this particular experience was allegedly quite lengthy and decidedly weird.

A pair of ghost hunters who investigated the case say that the duo reported seeing the strange figure "chanting and dancing." The strange behavior led them to speculate that perhaps it was a person filming some kind of music video, but that theory was dashed when they realized that there was no one else around the eerie individual. Incredibly, the Laings watched the mysterious stranger 'perform' for a jaw-dropping ten minutes.

Their conclusion that it was some kind of ghost came about after another individual happened upon the pair engrossed in the odd 'show.' When the Laings tried to show the person what they were watching, they were stunned to see that the figure had vanished. This was made all the more baffling, the ghost hunters explained, because "in order to exit the park he would have had to walk past the witnesses otherwise he’d have had to cross the water in the dam which surrounded him."

While the Laings' account is undoubtedly spooky, some have expressed skepticism over the story by wondering how they could have purportedly watched the 'ghost' for ten minutes but only captured one still photograph of the spirit. And one cannot help but notice that the newspaper article recounting the tale segues quite smoothly into a promotion for ghost walks which will be held in the park this month by the paranormal investigators who were enlisted to look into the case.

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