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Ghost Sighting Reported to Police?

Ghost Sighting Reported to Police?

By Tim Binnall

A police department in Rhode Island received a rather strange report about a mysterious woman that some suspect may have been a ghost. Cops in the town of Coventry reportedly received the creepy call on the evening of Saturday, September 1st. According to a Facebook post from the police department, a concerned citizen said that they had spotted "a woman wearing a white wedding dress" mysteriously emerge out of the forest along a road.

Making matters all the more unsettling, the caller claimed that the spooky-looking woman was in some kind of distress and was "yelling for help." A pair of police officers, described by the department as "two of our finest young patrolmen" were dispatched to the scene to investigate. However, when they arrived and searched around the scene of the reported sighting, the cops could find no indication of anything amiss nor any sign of the eerie woman in a wedding dress.

In sharing the story with residents, the Coventry Police Department mused that maybe the mystery woman had been "a restless soul" buried in the town's Hopkins Hollow Cemetery or perhaps a legendary Rhode Island ghost named Nellie Vaughn. Although the post by the police asked for any further insights from other potential witnesses, it appears to have been an isolated incident as they apparently did not receive any tips on what, exactly, may have happened that night.

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