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Ghost Smashes Glass at UK Pub?

Security camera footage from a pub in England shows a glass suddenly explode for no apparent reason, raising suspicions that perhaps the establishment is haunted.

The eerie incident occurred at the Fox Eating and Drinking House as a patron was standing at the bar enjoying a beer.

Out of nowhere and only inches from his hand, the glass simply bursts, sending the man reeling backward in shock.

A similar response can be heard from workers at the pub watching the video when the see the spooky moment unfold.

As to the source of the strange event, one of the co-owners of the establishment believes that it confirms her feelings that the pub had a resident ghost of some kind.

According to Claire Kacy, she has had numerous strange experiences since taking over the business a few years ago, including chairs and shelves inexplicably moving on their own.

However, the pub does not seem to have any ghostly lore previously attached to it, making the true source of the perceived presence all the more mysterious.

While skeptics will scoff at the video and attribute it to a natural event at best or trickery at worst, Kacy claims that the footage is genuine and that she cannot explain what happened.

And, in her defense, while boasting that one's pub is haunted may sound like a good idea, selling the concept by way of exploding glasses probably isn't the wisest marketing scheme.

What's your take on the spooky video? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

Source: Mirror

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