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Ghost Spotted on Baby Monitor?

By Tim Binnall

A father in England says he was frozen in fear when he looked at his daughter's baby monitor and spotted an eerie glow that he suspects was a ghost. Stephen Armstrong told a local media outlet that he had just turned in for the night when he made one last check of the device and could not believe his eyes. "I don’t usually believe in spirits or stuff like that," he said, "but this was creepy."

The sight was so unsettling, Armstrong conceded, that he actually had to muster up the courage to go to the little girl's bedroom and investigate the situation. When he arrived, however, whatever was behind the anomaly had apparently vanished. Fortunately, the bewildered dad was able to capture the scene on video. The footage shows an odd glowing form which hovers near his daughter's bed before disappearing.

Oddly enough, Armstrong claims that this is not the first case of unnerving activity to have taken place in their home and the previous incident sounds positive chilling in light of what he saw on the baby monitor. According to him, he once entered his daughter's room and discovered a previously-unseen doll had been placed in her bed. For some strange reason, Armstrong dismissed the discovery until this latest development caused him to reconsider the creepy find and wonder if, perhaps, it was connected to the potential apparition.

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