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Giant Bigfoot Statue Unveiled in NY

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A town in New York state with an affinity for Bigfoot now boasts a monstrous tribute to the famed cryptid by way of a massive Sasquatch statue.

The amazing piece, which can be found in the town of Whitehall, stands almost 12 feet tall and was crafted out of steel by artist Steven Mestyan Sr.

The statue was commissioned by local business owner Paul Thompson, who was looking for a landmark for the front of the building which houses his stone company.

To Thompson, Sasquatch seemed like the natural fit due to Whitehall's rich history of Bigfoot sightings and lore.

In fact, the creature is so popular in the town that the statue is the fourth such Sasquatch monument to be built in Whitehall.

And there is even an ordinance in Whitehall which affords Bigfoot protected status, lest an ambitious hunter attempt to capture the cryptid thought to reside in or around the community.

Fortunately, the newly-unveiled statue is also protected, in a manner of speaking, by way of weighing a whopping 1,000 pounds, which would likely thwart any ne'er-do-wells with dreams of making off with the awesome artwork.

Source: WNYT / Post Star

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