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Giant Chicken Astounds the Internet

A jaw-dropping video of an enormous chicken has taken the Internet by storm as viewers cannot take their eyes off the astounding animal.

In the fantastic footage, the monstrous bird can be seen emerging from its coop and slowly revealing its incredible size in a mesmerizing fashion where it seemingly just keeps getting bigger.

The animal's size almost seems to be too much for the bird, itself, as it stumbles down the ramp to its coop, but eventually regains its footing and struts around the yard in a manner befitting a giant chicken.

Lest one think the creature's size is some sort of trick or hoax, the presence of a second chicken nearby makes it all too clear that the giant bird is all too real.

Since the video appeared online Sunday morning, the footage has spread like wildlife with viewers expressing amazement and terror as well as suspicions that the chicken may be a man in a suit.

Although that would probably only make the video even more amazing, the bird has actually been identified as a Brahma rooster, which are creatures renowned for their size.

With that in mind, we're not sure who to feel worse for: the giant chicken, for becoming an unwitting worldwide punchline, or the poor bird who has to share a coop with it.

Source: USA Today


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