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Gilliland & UFOs

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During the first hour, Art spoke with ET/UFO contactee James Gilliland(1) and several witnesses to UFO activity at Gilliland's ranch in Washington state. Two of the witnesses, both of whom work for large aerospace companies, said they observed lights change courses, stop, and shoot off into space, without any conventional explanation.
Another witness, an expert in commercial aviation, said he believes Gilliland has an "attunement" to the UFOs, as he would comment on the direction of upcoming craft or lights before they became visible. Gilliland said he can "feel" craft in the area as an energy and a knowingness. Steve Moreno(2), a UFO investigator, also appeared and discussed his experiences at the ranch, noting that the lights display a willingness to be recorded.
Gilliland made available to us variety of material(3) to accompany his presentation, such as the pictured video still of a "large golden ship."

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