Girl Photographs Moonlit Nessie

An eleven-year-old girl from England earned an unlikely place in paranormal history by taking what is believed to be the first-ever picture of Nessie basking in the moonlight. The youngster in question, named Natalie Hodgson, snapped the photo while vacationing at Loch Ness with her family earlier this month. One evening during the visit, she spotted something strange in the water illuminated by the overhead moon and, thankfully, took a photo of the anomaly which lurked in the water for a few minutes before vanishing beneath the surface.

Although the image is in keeping with most photos of Nessie that we've seen over the years, in that it is fairly ambiguous, the fact that it was taken at night makes the case pretty special. An authority on Nessie sightings by way of his official register of such events, Gary Campbell noted the uniqueness of the image to a Scottish newspaper. In all of his years tracking Nessie sightings, he said that he's never seen nor heard of an image of the creature lit by the moon.

For those keeping score at home, this marks the third 'official' Nessie sighting accepted by Campbell's group for 2018. Ironically, of the two other sightings so far this year, one of them also happened to be from a young girl at Loch Ness who noticed something out of the ordinary on the water. Why Nessie appeared to the pair of youngsters is something of a mystery, although skeptics may say that it has something to do with the imaginative minds of children.

Fans of the 'monster,' on the other hand, might argue that young people are ideal candidates for an encounter, since they have not been subjected to the decades of debunking which has instilled doubt in the minds of most adults. As such, kids who are curious about the creature could actually be among the few people genuinely looking for Nessie when they visit the famed location, which is why they managed to spot them.

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