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Glitch on ISS Broadcast Catches the Attention of Conspiracy Theorists

Conspiracy theorists who contend that the International Space Station is an elaborate ruse say that a strange glitch during a recent video broadcast may confirm their suspicions.

The moment in question occurred as a trio of astronauts aboard the ISS were wrapping up an interview and waving goodbye to the audience.

It is then at an odd technical difficulty renders the astronauts as a blur of colors while their surroundings continue to come through relatively clear.

The brief and bizarre scene quickly comes to an end when the camera switches to a view of a NASA control room, no doubt further raising the eyebrows of conspiratorial observers.

To that end, some have suggested that the glitch in the video indicates that the astronauts were filmed in front of a green screen here on Earth and that they were not really in space at all.

This school of thought, which is akin to the much-maligned Moon Hoax theory, is that humans cannot actually leave the planet and, therefore, anything said to be from space is, in fact, fabricated by the 'powers that be.'

Skeptics will, of course, note that such glitches are regularly seen during terrestrial TV broadcasts and it almost certainly an issue involving the digitalization of the picture rather than the product of a vast conspiracy.

While they're probably correct in this case, that conclusion may be a bit disheartening to some since it means that even ISS can't seem to get their cable to work right either.

Source: Express

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